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Q & A

Q1 Do you have any products for sealing with reduced frictional resistance?

A1 Yes. We recommend you our product, LF rubber.

If you use LF rubber, frictional resistance of rubber surface can be significantly reduced while the elasticity of rubber is secured.

LF rubber PDF Composite product PDF

Q2 Do you have any materials to seal strong solvent or chemical agent?

A2 We develop a rubber material appropriate for various use and condition to fulfill customer's requests.

Composite product PDF Solvent resistant material PDF

Q3 Do you have any materials that can absorb impact?

A3 We have a low repulsive material with reduced sulfurized outgas so that you can safely use it inside a component of an electronic device.

Low rebound product PDF

Q4 Do you have any products to prevent fluid or gas from flowing reversely?

A4 We recommend you “duckbill valve” because it restricts the flow in one designated direction.
Duckbill valve is used in various places including automobile, medical facility, and water section such as shower.

Duckbill PDF

Q5 Do you have any products to bring in air while transforming voltage?

A5 We recommend you to use duckbill valve which suppresses flow in one composed direction.
Duckbill valve is used in various scenes, such as cars, medical care, water circulation including shower.

Duckbill PDF

Q6 Is it possible for you to design a seal product to help us improve our sealing condition?

A6 We provide you with product design support in the way that we apply load, stress, and heat to the rubber, and analyze its displacement, stress etc. by computer.

FEM analysis animation

Q7 Do you have materials for sealing with high pressure?

A7 We have materials which ensure excellent high-pressing sealing performance.

High hardness seal PDF

Q8 Is it possible for you to integrate rubber with other material?

A8 Yes. We have experiences with achievements regarding vulcanization bonding of rubber with metal, thermoplastic resin, or fluorocarbon resin (PTFE), etc.

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