Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activity

ISO9001・2000 Certification

On January 12, 2007, we acquired ISO9001・2000 certification which is an international standard for quality management. Based on this certification, we strive to enhance quality control and always provide high quality technology and service for our customers. We sincerely appreciate your continuous support.

Quality Management

Quality policies
  1. Based on our company’s corporate philosophy, “We Always Pursue Technological Innovation”, we fulfill customer’s request regarding advanced technology.
  2. We conduct companywide quality improvement activities to satisfy customer’s requirements.
Behavioral guidelines
  1. We clarify each customer’s requirements, expectations, needs and other related requirements, and continue to deliver products that satisfy those requirements.
  2. We maintain the effectiveness of our quality management system and strive for its continuous improvement.
  3. In order to follow our quality policies, we set up appropriate quality target, take actions, and review the policies regularly.
  4. We continually review our quality policies considering whether they are appropriate.
ISO9001:2000 Certification acquired ISO9001:2000 Certification acquired

ECO Stage Certification

Corporate philosophy

Based on the idea of preserving this beautiful planet for our future generation, all our employees implement activities for environmental conservation at all workplaces. We provide our customers with products and services which fully satisfy them and contribute to the society following our corporate philosophy, “We Always Pursue Technological Innovation”.

Basic policies

  1. We always strive to pursue developing environmentally friendly technologies, manufacturing processes and materials, provide customers with relevant services. We continuously improve our management system of environment and prevent the environmental from pollution.
  2. We promise to make maximum effort to provide our customers with safe products and services by strictly observing ordinances including environment-related laws and other requirements on which our company agreed.
  3. All our employees promote the following activities setting up concrete purpose and target.
    1. We strive for environmental conservation by promoting energy and resource saving.
    2. We try not to waste things in our workplaces for realizing cost reduction.
    3. We promote 3R activity for reduction of wastes.
    4. We strive to fully manage environmental chemical substances.
  4. We promote environmental education for our employees, always share knowledge as soon as it is updated and put it into practice at workplaces.
  5. We thoroughly enforce our environmental policy not only in the company, but widely publicize it toward outside of the company to collaborate with related parties.
エコステージ認証書 エコステージ認証書・付属書 エコステージ認証ロゴマーク

Employer’s action plan

We have established an action plan as follows to improve working environment so that our employees can fully demonstrate their capabilities based on the good balance of working and private life.


3 years from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2018


Target 1: We provide our employees with information and make them understand thoroughly the public system of leaves and benefits including prenatal and postpartum childbirth leave, childcare leave and the exemption of social insurance fee while childcare leave is taken, etc.

From September, 2015, we will organize laws and public benefits regarding child birth in chronological order.
From January, 2016, we will develop a leaflet regarding the system and distribute it to our employees.

Target 2: We will introduce exemption system of overtime work to an employee who is raising a child at the age lower than elementary school entrance age to support the compatibility of the employee’s working and family lives.

From September, 2015, for achieving the targets described above, we will consider and revise the "Rules regarding child care and nursing care leaves ".
From January, 2016, we will extend the time of exemption from overtime work until an employee’s child enrolls an elementary school and thoroughly disseminate the information to all employees.

Target 3: By March 2018, we will have designated and implemented “Day without overtime work” to reduce overtime work.

From September 2015, we will carry out survey by distributing questionnaire to our employees and consider issues which have been revealed from the result in each department.
From April 2016, we will implement “No Overtime Day” informing employees for disseminating the policy and improve work efficiency by analyzing it comprehensively in each department.

Target 4: We will introduce the system that allows employees to work from home one day a week on a trial basis.

From January 2016, we will study on rules and who is allowed regarding work from home.
From January 2017, we will conduct the above measure on a trial basis, analyze issues and consider the possibility of its full-scale implementation.

We were registered by Osaka Prefecture as a good supporting company for disabled people.

Osaka Prefecture registers companies which are proactive in employing people with disability to register as a good supporting company for disabled people or a good supporting company for disabled people. We have been registered as a good supporting company for disabled people and will widely disseminate this activity together with Osaka Prefecture to promote the employment of people with disability.

Certified by Osaka prefecture as a supporting company for disabled people