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President's message

GW Group advances business activities through manufacturing products as an important member in the international society. In 2017, our group made a great change that the older generation handed the management positions to the next generation to start the second founding period. Since its establishment, we have been involved in the manufacture of rubber products, and our business has successfully continued thanks to our customers in various industries who have been using our products up to the present. Concerning the word, "Continuation", which is our management philosophy, we are able to achieve it both by our efforts and customers’ support. We will continuously pursue our position as only one company in the international society with gratitude towards our customers and suppliers. Over 35 years, we have been establishing the foundation of manufacturing products with good quality. In order to pass the baton of the history to the next generation firmly and smoothly, we will strive to respond to needs of all our customers. We will greatly appreciate your continued support.

Representative director and president Naohiko Mori

Company Profile

Company name Gut Ware Company Co., Ltd.
Head office 138-1 Kodai, Minami-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, Japan, 590-0151
Foundation March, 1977
Establishment October, 1979
Capital 10 million yen
Officers Chairman of board of directors Motohiko Mouri
Representative director and president Naohiko Mouri
Executive vice president Masahiko Mouri
Senior managing director Emiko Mouri
Corporate Auditor Chiaki Mouri
Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Otori Branch ・Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Sakai Station Branch・Kiyo Bank Otori Branch
Awa Bank Sakai Branch, Senshu Ikeda Bank Sakaisuji Brabch, Shoko chukin Bank Sen
Items handled Manufacture and sales of industrial rubber and resin products


March 1977 Company founded as Mouri Giken in Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture.
October 1979 Company was relocated to Yao City, Osaka Pref., and founded Riken Industrial Co., Ltd. with capital of 10 million yen.
June 1984 Head office and the factory were relocated to Yamada, Sakai City, Osaka Pref.
October 1990 Company name was changed into Gut Ware Company.
Hiraoka factory was opened in Hiraoka-cho, Sakai city, Osaka Pref., and injection molding was introduced.
November 1995 Hiraoka factory was integrated into the head office and factories to rationalize management
March 1998 Vacuum press molding was introduced.
December 2000 Head office and logistics warehouse were relocated to Kodai, Sakai city, Osaka Pref. and the former Head office and the factory were renamed First factory.
December 2002 Shanghai factory was constructed in JIAN XIN VILLAGE, PU JIANG TOWN, MING HANG DISTRICT, SHANGHAI, CHINA
March 2004 Resin molding machine was introduced.
January 2005 First factory was expanded.
April 2006 Kanagawa office was opened.
January 2007 ISO9001:2000 was acquired.
May 2008 Environmental standard, ”Eco Stage” was acquired.
March 2009 Shanghai factory was newly opened in LU HUI WEST,PU JIANG TOWN, MING HANG DISTRICT,SHANGAI, CHINA.
November 2009 Kanagawa Office was closed.
August 2013 Joint venture was established in Thailand.
October 2015 Company was registered as a good supporting company for disabled people by Osaka Prefecture.
September 2016 Shanghai factory was relocated.

Access / Map

Head Office / Logistics Center
  • Head Office / Logistics Center
  • 138-1, Kodai, Minami-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, 590-0151
  • TEL +81-72294-263 FAX +81-72294-3458
First Factory
  • First Factory
  • 3-842-6, Yamada, Nishi-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, 593-8316
  • TEL+81-72275-0812 FAX+81-72271-6415